Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The Rich Jerk!

Howdy people,

now I am going to talk about another program which is useful if you want to make money online.
The strategies mentioned in this program can also be used to promote your affiliano business.
I am talking about the Rich Jerk. The rich jerk is one of the oldest money making programs on the internet and it has been running for many years.
Thousands of people owe their success to him.
In the rich jerk's e-book there are a lot of stategies on how to get targeted traffic to your website, how to write ads, sales letters and so on. He also explains different types of internet business and how to get started with the technical matters.
The book is easy to read and it does not require any former experience.
Once you have downloaded the e-book you can also get a free website.

Just like Affiliano, the Rich Jerk offers valuable advice and support.

CU soon and good luck

Friday, 4 September 2009

Checking Out Adblasters!

Hi there folks,

I am trying out something new in order to get leads.
It is called an adblaster and it works like this.
There are tens of thousands of classified ads sites all over the internet where you can post free classfied ads. You can use this to promote your affiliano website.
Ads are free and it does not take long to post. However if you want to post your ads on several hundreds or thousands of these sites it is going to take a long time.
This is where the adblaster comes in handy. Using this you can post 1 ad and have distributed over a network of thousands of classified ads sites. This will only take a few minutes every day and it is cost effective too as adblasters are relatively cheap compared to many other types of advertising.

C U soon and good luck!
If you haven't signed up yet go ahead (the 100$ sign-up Bonus is still on) Hurry!!

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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

How is it going?

Just writing to check how things are going for you?
The great thing with Affiliano is that you only need to get people to sign up in order to make money. No selling and such.
This, of course makes the task a lot easier. Do you have a lot of contacts on the web?
This could be another way to advertise your Affiliano business.
Are you a member of any forum online?? If not you can sign-up and start making contributions.
The fact is, there are so many ways to attract people and if you use your imagination you can propably come up with quite a few ideas that will be bring you more leads and of course more money.

Wish you the best of luck!


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Monday, 31 August 2009

Follow Affiliano on Twitter!

Hi there folks,
I just wanted to say that you can also follow Affiliano on Twitter, this way you can exchange ideas with other people promoting Affiliano.
When you sign-up, you can also check the Affiliano Blogg where you will find tips and important updates of the Affiliano system.
As you can see, there is a lot of support available in order to succeed so just go ahead and sign-up. You will be happy you did.

C U later

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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Ways to earn Money!!

I just want to give you a couple of hints about moneymaking in General.
Most of us are working for a company or hold a post in public service.
Then we get paid a salary every month.
The advantage of this is of course that as long as the company/organisation needs you, you will continue to work and receive your salary at the end of the month.
This gives you a sense of security and stability. The disadvanteges is that your salary is limited (and often with small possibilities to earn more) and you also have to work at certain hours with little flexiblity to change them.
Now running your business you might be able to earn more and have more flexible working hours but of course you are taking a bigger risk, you and you alone is responsible for your income and this can be scary especially if you have a family who depends on you.
So why not have both?? You can still keep your job for stability and work as an affiliate in your spare time (it won't take to much time) and this way you will be able to earn much more and still keep your job.
Working as an affiliate is something you can do at home in your own time. The more you put into it the more you can earn.
Also once you have it set up and running you can get a good extra revenue without spending a lot of time, because your campaign is running 24 hours a day and profits come in even when you sleep.

So if you want some more money and more freedom (and security) sign up for Affiliano and start earning money today.

I wish you all the best of luck

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Saturday, 29 August 2009

New article about advertising!

Hi there folks,

here is another article I published at goarticles.com. It gives some general advice about advertising, I hope you will enjoy it.

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C U later


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Different aproaches to advertising

]When you start a new business or join an affiliate program, one of the most important things to consider is advertising.
It does not matter how good a product or program is if nobody knows about it.
Of course, before getting started it is better to have the other aspects of your business ready before you start to advertise. If you advertise before you are ready to process customer orders there is a risk that they abandon your offers and go elswhere.

There are many ways of advertising and this article will concentrate on advertising on the internet.
First of all you need to determine who your customers are. By this I mean which age group, gender and which the intentions and interests of your customers.
This will determine where you place your ads and also how the ads are written.
If your product appeal to a wide range of people (such as make money online or tv channels or anything else that interests most people) determining who the customers are is less important though you still need to find the right websites.
People go to a certain site for a particular reason and if they don't find what they are looking for, they propably won't be intrested to look at your ad. If you advertise gardening equipment at a site selling books you propably won't get many visitors, well you get the point.

Once you determine who your customers are you will have to think of how to reach them.
There are many different ways of advertising on the internet. You can advertise on search engines[/spin], for example Google Adwords, there are sites with classified ads, you can add links or banners at other websites or even write articles and add a link to your site.
Often, a combination of all these will be very effective.
A blog where you give updates of your product/program and some hints and tips is sometimes very efficient and can build a good and trusting relationship with your clients.

I will now briefly explain some different advertising options and how to use them.
Google Adwords is the biggest advertiser on the web. The program is well developed and very flexible but some find it a bit difficult to use.
At Google Adwords, you add "keywords" to your ads and whenever some makes a search on Google using these words your ad will appear.
You then pay everytime someone clicks on your ad. Ads will also show on different websites.
The main problems is that the competition is fierce and costs can be quite high (especially for popular keywords) and it is sometimes difficult to find the right Keywords.

There are also alternatives to Google, sites such as Adbrite and Bidvertiser are easier to use and also cheaper. You can use a few of them, run the same ads on them and see which works the best for you.

Classified ads is another way of making publicity for your site, there are countless sites where you can post free ads and it usually only takes a few minutes to do. Often there are options available you can pay to add images or symbols or at the top of the list. Since ads are free, you can post several of them everyday and after a while you will see the results coming.

Writing articles can also be an effective way of advertising.
Article writing is making you "known" on the internet and gives you a better ranking on search engines. This means that your site will show when people make searches on Google, Yahoo or other search engines.
Your text should be clear and simple and you can often add a link in the text or at the bottom so that people can go directly to your site.
It takes a bit of time before article writing gives results, but when it does it will make life a whole lot easier as people will find your site even if they don't see your ads.

There are many more ways of advertising, such as link exchanges, banners, mailing lists and so on. Just do some research on the web and then try different methods to find the advertising that suits you best.

I am currently using both Google and Bidvertiser to advertise my affiliate business. I am working with a great system called Affiliano, where you get paid for free referrals, that is you get paid when someone signs up with their name and e-mail address at the Affiliano website.
In order to promote this I have also used article writing and mailing lists and I have a blogg where I give some tips and hints on how to succeed.
If you are intrested in Affiliano you can just follow this link.

Good luck with your business

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Creating an efficient website!

In order for your ads to be effective you also need an efficient website.
If someone clicks on your ad, but they don't find your website intresting they will propably leave it without signing up.
The information on your site should be clear and simple. Use a lot of enthusiasm as this will get the visitor in the mood to sign-up or to find out more.
It usually effective to have a big button where it says click here or Sign-up Now!
With Affiliano, you can also mention the 100$ sign-up Bonus.
Try to visualize that you are looking at the website and try to think like a customer, what do you think you would like to see?? What would convince you to sign-up.
You need to be very positive about what you are offering and at the same time honest.
If you make claims that sound way to good to be true, the visitor might just consider it a scam and leave.
A good thing is to experience with different texts, colours and banners to try to find out what is really working. Make some research on Google and check out your competitors websites, you might get some good ideas there.

C U later and Good Luck!

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